BioFloor: Antimicrobial Safety Flooring

While smooth surfaces are easy to clean, they are extremely prone to causing slips and trips. Alternatively, grippy surfaces prove difficult to keep clean and compromise on hygiene.

BioFloor® is a revolutionary antimicrobial flooring solution upholding unparalleled hygiene and safety.

The makeup of the compounds in BioFloor® produce a cleanable surface. But when pressure is applied to the floor, by feet, it grips and provides resistance to minimise slips and trips.

R12 Kora R12 Kora
R12 Stone R12 Stone
R12 Hema R12 Hema
R12 Azurite R12 Azurite
R11 Stone R11 Stone
R10/11/12 Turine R10/11/12 Turine
R10 Soda R10 Soda
R10/11/12 Schori R10/11/12 Schori
R10/11/12 Nova R10/11/12 Nova
R10/11/12 Mica R10/11/12 Mica
R10/11/12 Matite R10/11/12 Matite
R10/11/12 Lodestone R10/11/12 Lodestone
R10 Frucha R10 Frucha
R10 Flint R10 Flint
R10 Feldspar R10 Feldspar
R10 Drusy R10 Drusy
R10 Apati R10 Apati
R10 Andrite R10 Andrite

BioClad’s antimicrobial flooring is made up of Aluminium Oxide, Quartz and Silicon Carbide. The compounds are embedded throughout the floor to ensure lifetime performance, unlike surface-only compounds which wear quickly.

The R10 Plain and R10 Chip range is suitable for use in public traffic areas, passage ways, ward rooms, dining areas, wet rooms hospitals, care homes, schools, hotels and restaurants. R11 & R12 is more suited to use in commercial kitchens.

BioClad’s antimicrobial PVC wall cladding harnesses the benefits of built-in antimicrobial protection. This silver-ion technology reduces microbes by 99.9% in just two hours – with an 80% reduction in the first 15 minutes.

BioFloor® is available internationally. Its high PVC content makes it easy to weld and its cellulose backing offers superior bonding to produce a water-resistant and fully hygienic finish.

BioClad® Elite Installers are available across the world. Our hand-picked installers uphold our unprecedented level of service and finishing.

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